General FAQ:
Where and how are your pedals manufactured?
Our pedals are manufactured and hand built in Germany. Only very few components, like the sensors, are not made in Germany. Well, the Tilton main cylinder is made in Buellton, California, U.S.A., of course.
Do you have an actual store?
We only sell online, we don´t have a physical store. You can pick up orders upon request at our production facility in Wittlich or at our HQ in Reimerath, only minutes from the Nürburgring.
Can I visit you, do you offer testing the pedals at all?
Yes, and yes! Our production facility is in Wittlich, Germany, only about a 30 minute drive from the world famous Nürburgring. We are happy to show you where and how we make our pedals if you are in the area. Just give us a call or write us a mail!
You can also schedule a test drive at our HQ in Reimerath to check our pedals out and feel what everyone is talking about.
Do you sell and ship worldwide?
Currently we don´t ship to Africa, Middle and South America, the Arabian Peninsula and non-EU countries in Eastern Europe, to include Russia.
The following areas and countries are exclusively serviced by our partners and distributors:
- Ireland, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, U.S.A. and Canada through Digital-Motorsports.com
- Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and Asia (excluding the Asian part of Russia) through SimCore
If you live in one of these areas or countries, please visit the linked website of the respective distributor!
Are you looking to expand your distribution area at all?
Most certainly! It´s our ultimate goal to provide sales and service worldwide. We are currently looking for a distributor on the Arabian Peninsula and for a distributor for non-EU Eastern Europe and all of Russia.
If you´d like to talk to us about that or if you know a business that might be capable and interested, please contact us under info@racewerk.com!
Where else can I find you on social media?
Pedal FAQ:
What is the difference between the S1 and the S1 Pro, or the RS and the RS Pro?
The difference is the use of the Tilton as the main hydraulic cylinder on the break. Other than that, the pedal sets are identical in mechanics and hydraulics.
How does the Tilton main cylinder feel different than the S1 main cylinder?
The Tilton main cylinder was added upon request of the more enthusiast customers coming from real life motorsports who wanted to see "Tilton" on their pedal set. The Tilton is a bit smoother in the feel compared to the S1 main cylinder, but it also demands more of the driver in trail breaking. Some of our staff and also some team drivers have Pro versions on their own rigs. The general consensus is that it takes a while to warm up to the Tilton´s characteristics. It´s more geared toward the advanced and pro driver, people who just occasionally turn a few laps may struggle with it as it needs a fine foot.
Is the throttle resistance adjustable?
The resistance in the throttle is currently not adjustable. We are prototyping some stuff now to achieve that in the S1 series and also are on a more serious re-work for a future S2 series of the pedals. So far there are no major complaints, most people get along well with the resistance after a bit of seat time.
Do you offer a separate purchase of a clutch for racers purchasing a 2 pedal set?
We do indeed, but only for this select group! You need to prove your purchase (directly by providing your order number or by providing data/invoice of the seller) so we can make sure you are eligible.
Can I drive your pedals in my real life race car?
While we are confident there wouldn´t be an issue doing that, we have to reject any and all liability for use of our pedals other than for simracing/virtual motorsport purposes.
What fluid do you use in your hydraulic loops?
Since we use actual motorsport components, we are using DOT4 braking fluid. The seals in the components used are not compatible with other fluids used by some other pedal manufacturers (which in turn also tells you that they are not using motorsport components...).
Do I need to service the pedals at all?
Well, these are no toys, we are building high end pedals with actual motorsport or motorsport grade components. So like in motorsports you should check the level of the DOT4 breaking fluid regularly, we recommend a 6 month interval, and carefully refill fluid if at all needed. Although there´s no heat induced or major mechanical break down of the hydraulic fluid in the short loops of our pedals, the fluid does deteriorate with time. We recommend a complete fluid change after 2 years of regular use or 3 years of casual use.
Why do you have your own racing team?
Our racing team is more than a marketing tool. While it´s nice to see our brand name on the cars and on many podiums, the team is also our test bed for product development and refinement. Every racer with a positive vote from the team´s board of directors receives a RACEWERK pedal set after having been on the team for 6 months. Team members receive all further developments of the pedals and also all the prototypes of all other products like pedal trays, rig connectors, hand break etc. The advantage for us as a producer is enormous! From racers for racers, this claim is not a hollow sleeve, it´s what we live and do every day!
What sim is your team on?
We started on iracing in July 2021 by converting the old "Team Slowmotion" that has been built upo since 2019 to "Team RACEWERK.com", and in December 2021 we expanded our racing activities to ACC (Assetto Corsa Competizione). So two sims now! 
Can I join your racing teams?
In principle, yes. Since our teams on both sims are quite advanced and ultimately aiming to race in prime time top splits, drivers who want to join have to be advanced as well. The vote lies strictly with the respective team´s board of directors. To apply, please contact us at team@recewerk.com with a meaningful description of your level of expertise.
Where can I see or follow your teams?
You can watch us on YouTube and Twitch, find us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.