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This is the new R2 version without Simucube wheelside QR.

CUSTOMER NOTICE: Instead of raising the prices for the Simucube 2 series, Granite Devices opted to not include the wheel side Quick Release with the bases anymore.

The wheel side quick release now has to be purchased separately. This is a measure affecting all new sales of the Simucube 2 Sport and Pro.

The SQR needed can be found here: Simucube SQR Quick Release Kit –

Simucube 2 Sport wheel base puts its driver ahead of any non-direct drive racer by a huge margin. High-end Direct Drive wheel base not only gives undeniable competitive advantage, but also puts a massive grin to the drivers face from the sheer joy of racing.

Sport comes with 17 Nm of direct drive torque and with the major Simucube 2 benefits of advanced filters and custom built motors. Sport does offer serious amounts of power, do not underestimate the capabilities of this motor!

According to our internal testing, this force feedback wheel base has similar response to the very best of the premium motors on the market.

Sport will be most suited for sim racers and league racers who want great performance and value! Its power is enough to authentically replicate anything but the highest downforce formula cars.

The new dual CPU 216 MHz processor features superscalar ARM architecture, making it effectively four times faster than the 72 MHz processor of IONI drive in Simucube 1.

Simucube 2 power MOSFETs are rated over 2X their actual need to make them virtually immortal.


Included with SC2 Sport wheel base:

-Power supply

-Usb and power cables

-Standard external Stop button

-Motor side Simucube Quick Release and Pin is included

-User Manual

Technical specifications and features:

Simucube Wireless Wheel™ support Yes

Torque reconstruction processing Yes

Static force reduction Yes

Natural damping, inertia and friction filters Yes

Ultra low latency mode Yes

Adjustable torque slew rate limit No

Non-linear force saturation No

Super fine tuning filters: No

Factory Calibration: Cogging calibrated

Max Torque: 17 Nm

Isolated surge protected USB port: Yes

Max Force Slew Rate: 4.8 Nm/ms

Angle Sensor Resolution: 22 bit

Torque Off Button: Standard (premium optional)

Power supply: 280 Watt

Physical size: 130 x 130 x 250 mm

Fixing holes M8 x 4 pcs

Screw bolt pattern dia 145 mm

Flange centering hole dia 110 mm

Warranty: 24 Months


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