Unboxing the Simucube 2 Sport

This is a big day! The pack has just arrived from Finland in time before the official release. It is a surprisingly compact thick carton box. It was delivered without major scars, it is all good so far. 
Oh, it is Heavy, but pretty easy to deal with..so, lets take a look:

Simucube 2 Sport motor
She is a beauty! One classy looking, sexy motor.

The craftsmanship and materials are excellent. Every surface is aluminium, hard anodized. The very nice finish is matching on each parts. The chamfering on the edges are smooth and uniform. Details on the face of the motor on the side of the motor and at the connector panel is just so much nicer done than any other industrial motor i had before.

You find mostly everything in the box for a quick installation, apart from the steering wheel itself and the the motor mount. I was about to install it in a Sim-Lab P1 style cockpit with a heavy gauge wheel deck, otherwise you will have to think about a mounting bracket.
I had quickly realized that the front facing M8 holes are threaded. That is a big relief after the Mige motors, where you had to jam a nut and a sprocket to an impossible space in order to secure the motor. This little touch makes the installation so simple and avoids the possible scratches and marks that most people have regularly left on the old motors.

Simucube pack contents 
Within the pack you find:

  • Simucube 2 motor
  • Notebook style external power supply
  • USB and power cable
  • Safety stop button
  • SQR - the new Simucube Quick Release System complete with:
  • 30 mm spacer
  • 50 to 70mm adapter
  • Release pin

What you need:

  • Steering wheel and M5 screws with 50 or 70mm mounting diameter
  • Mounting bracket and screws as your rig desires


Big surprise, the box was so small because there is no control box, all electronics are integrated into the motor. Even the back end of the motor is aluminium.
The connectors and the back end is well labeled, literally the only plastic thing on this little motor is the Wi-Fi window that you see bellow the isolated and surge protected usb port. Very very nice work.

The motor took minutes to mount and hook up and was trouble free to make it work.

So far i am in love.

I will be back with driving impressions in a few weeks, after we could test drive it with every possible game on the market today.



How do I get a sim driving setup with all that I require to do sim racing I racing with my sim


How do I get a sim driving setup with all that I require to do sim racing I racing with my sim

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